Plan your vacation early and reserve your bikes today!

Hilton Head Island Beach & Tennis Resort Bike Rentals

Rent bikes, trailers and beach equipment while you enjoy your vacation at the Hilton Head Island Beach & Tennis Resort.

To Start Your Rental

You can make an advance reservation anytime before your arrival or can visit The Stand and enter your order there. The Stand is open from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM - island time, weather permitting.

If you reserve ahead of time, we will work to have your order prepared and staged before you get here. If you are arriving before 4:00 PM, put your anticipated arrival time in the notes and we will do our best to have prepared at your requested time. Items ordered in advance are in stock and will be ready when you arrive.

If you order at The Stand, items are on a first come, first serve, basis. We keep hundreds of bikes in stock, but there are some items with limited availability such as kids bikes and trailers. We will do our best to transfer from inventory at our other locations, but may be out during the more busy weeks of the year. All orders must be paid for with a credit card, we don’t accept cash transactions.

We provide enough locks to secure your items and a map of the Island with some of the places we as locals love to visit. We hope you are able to visit some of them for their great shopping and food offerings.

During Your Rental

After you pick up your items from The Stand, bikes must be locked at all times you are not riding them. You are responsible for any lost or damaged items. Games and other beach equipment should be stored in your unit when not using them. Park bikes and trailers in the rack nearest your unit locked together and to the rack. Do not lock through the basket. The preferred process is to lock through the frame, but if that is not possible through the wheel.

If you need service during your rental, please bring the item to The Stand for repair or swap out.

Bikes may be ridden on pathways and the beach, but NOT IN THE WATER. You should rinse sand off the bike each evening and before returning to The Stand. Bikes returned with excessive sand buildup will be charged an extra cleaning fee.

As you ride on the pathways, please remember CARS have the right away at all intersections, stop, look both ways, and then proceed. Don’t be “That Tourist” and ride across the street or a property entry as vehicles are turning in and out.

The End of Your Rental

All rentals are due back by 10:00 AM (B&T check-out time) the last day of your rental. All items must be returned to The Stand. We can not pick up behind the Beach & Tennis gate. Any items not returned on time will be charged an additional daily rental rate until returned. If you return the bike outside of normal operating time, please lock all items together in an organized manner to the side of The Stand. Yes, there are A LOT of bikes returned on Friday night and Saturday morning. Just find a spot and lock your things together.

We appreciate the opportunity to be a small part of your Hilton Head vacation and thank you for your business!